Could a certain Bling Empire star be joining RHOBH? Crystal Kung Minkoff says..

Krystal Kung Minkoff reveals if she’ll return for more RHOBH

There’s no such thing as too much bling in Beverly Hills.

E! Catch up with the news Crystal Kung Minkoff At Tessa Hilton’s Malibu baby shower earlier this week, and after running into her best friend and The Bling Empire the star Christine ChewThe The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills The cast member couldn’t help but admit that Christine would make a “fantastic” addition to the Bravo series (funnily enough, she actually Join the show around in the fourth season).

“He gets what he wants,” Crystal said during the exclusive chat. “If he wants to come, I want him to come!”

Krystal’s co-stars may feel the same way, because Krystal isn’t the only diamond-holder that Christine is familiar with. In fact, as the Netflix reality star told E!, “I knew Sutton [Stracke] Before any of these women. I met him the first day he came to LA.”

Likewise, Crystal added, “He has more stories about my cast than I do.”

That’s not to say they’re good stories. “He shares a lot of stories with me,” Crystal continued, “but I’m different from some of my cast members, and I don’t share personal information.”

Krystal didn’t name any specific co-stars when she attended the baby shower—where guests were treated to Lisi Larch jewelry, accessories, and handbags—but earlier this season, RHOBA Fans Sutton and Add chest Crystal was allegedly dumped by 14 friends in recent years.

However, when it comes to Krystal’s friendship with Christine—which she says is “going down that road AAPI Community”-The two just got closer.

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