Christina Hack yells at Tarek El Musa for “important teamwork” in the boy

The son of Christina Hack and Tarek El Musa has undergone emergency surgery

There is no bond stronger than family.

Christina Hack It is then reflected on the strength of the co-guardian and Tareq El MusaHis son Braden L. Musa, 6, Emergency surgery has been performed May 8.

In an Instagram story posted on May 9, Christina shared a picture of Braden’s smiling face at the hospital. He added the image with a message of appreciation for his former fabric, as well Heather Ray YoungTareq married her in October 2021-And Christina’s husband, Josh Hall.

“24 hours is stressful but a good reminder of how important teamwork / co-parenting is,” he wrote. “We’re all under pressure but when it’s really important, we were all there for our part for Braden.”

He said the “scary situation” was a “good wake-up call”, adding that “in the end all other things are just ‘noise’, what is important for the kids.”

Braden was admitted to the ER and had an emergency appendectomy, Christina previously shared May 8. He said he also removed Meckel’s diverticulum, which was described as an intestinal sac, according to Heathline.

After he was released, Heather gave fans an update on Braden’s health and a photo showing him and Tarek next to Braden as he rested.

“We’ve just left the little man, he’s in pain but he’s a strong boy and he’s free today,” Heather wrote. “In this stressful time, we’ve all come together as a family.”

Sharing similar feelings with Christina, Heather noted, “Kids will always be a top priority for all of us!”

Christina later posted a sweet picture of Braden resting on the sofa with her older sister,

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