Christina Aguilera in Red Planing Dress for the video ‘La Reina’: Watch

Vocal Power House Christina Aguilera Her recently released music video “La Reina” looks as stunning as ever Her curved embrace match perfectly with the burning dress Red lock She made her debut in October 2021, delivering some serious Jessica Rabbit Vibe.

The 41-year-old is not unfamiliar with strike clothing. Christina is obviously a fan of the neckline, as she played another scooped silhouette on the February cover. When it comes to Mexico. He also flaunted the Ranchia getups with his emerald green in April Latex dress At the Daily Front Row Fashion Awards. Looks beautiful in every color, she was photographed after a form fitting dip in Dubai Purple dress Also made with latex. This time, in the “La Reina” video, Christina swings in a gorgeous vintage Hollywood inspired gown.

Christina Aguilera's 'The Queen' music videoChristina Aguilera in the music video ‘La Reina’ (Christina Aguilera / YouTube)

The “La Reina” consists of Xtina’s signed durable belting notes and impressive reef. In the song, he uses his gorgeous rich tone on a smooth Latin guitar while singing effortlessly in Spanish. As seen in the middle of a celebration, the music video uses vibrant colors while the six men with her are nicely matching her voice. The video is just over four minutes long, Christina is hitting a powerful last note and the camera is zooming out with glee and applause.

Although he admits he can’t speak Spanish fluently, it’s not the first time a semi-Ecuadorian has doubled in the world of Latin-inspired music. In October 2021, “Fighter” released the singer Picture music Her single “Pa ‘Miss Muchachas” is the first teaser for her much-anticipated second Spanish language project. His EP The ball Is released In January 2022.

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