Cardi B and Megan Thi Stallion double in football on episode ‘Cardi Trice’:

To see Cardi b And Megan the Stallion is always down to try something new! In a recent episode of the Facebook Watch series, Cardi triesThe two sporty girls learned the basics of football from Los Angeles Chargers players Antonio Gates, Darwin James and Keenan Allen.

‚ÄúSince I have A boyI want to be one of those sports moms who are involved in sports activities and I want to learn all about football today, “Bodak Yellow said at the beginning of the rapper’s clip. Children She shares with Husband and rapper Offset.

Cardi B Megan Thi Stallion performingRappers Cardi B and Megan Thi Stallion Performing (Shutterstock)

While fitting for safety equipment, Megan wore a pair of white Nike shorts while some of Cardie’s skin had tight yellow leggings. Once on the field, they can be seen wearing both white sneakers and blue jerseys, playing a cropped version of the Megan T.

In the hilarious episode, the “WAP” artists were engaged in athletic endeavors such as the 40 Yard Dash, tackling dummies, and throwing footballs. “When I was in high school, I used to go to hockey parties and the police blew up a lot of hockey parties so I had to run a lot,” Cardi B remarked bluntly during their running session, showing his sprinting skills.

After the rehearsal session, the two broke up with some dance moves to celebrate their touchdown. “One thing I’ve learned about football is that you really need a strong teammate, and that’s why I got my teammate here,” Cardi reflected. “I like to catch, I like to throw or whatever, so I’m really happy that Cardi brought me here today – my teammate,” Megan added.

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