Cameron Diaz has recreated the ridiculous ‘There’s Something About Mary’ hair gel moment

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American actress Cameron Diaz was filmed after coming to the ears for the promotion of her film

The Mask, Cameron Diaz, 1994, © New Line Cinema / Everett Collection

Actress Cameron Diaz poses for an interview in New York on October 5, 1997.  Diaz co-stars with actor Evan McGregor in the new romantic black comedy

Image Credit: Courtesy of Everett Collection

Cameron Diaz49, Bringing back his fans Since 1998, when the actress posted a video on Instagram on May 3, the ridiculous and infamous hair gel scene from her iconic film T spoofedHere’s something about Mary! VideoAn ad for the wine he founded, called Avaline, was shared with 9.3 million followers and features comedian Benito Skinner, 27. He plays a gay friend who comes to his house for dinner with his legs like a “hair gel”. That Movie scene.

The video begins with Benito riding in the passenger seat of a car driven by a man who is supposed to be his companion. As they ride their bikes, he says, “Oh my God, Terry, we’re literally going to Cameron Diaz’s house for dinner. I’m so nervous, “said Camera, before showing the boxes of Evelyn wine in her lap, the brand that Cameron launched in the 2020 Covid-19 epidemic. He then asks his partner, who is driving the car, “Do you think it’s weird to bring someone’s own brand of wine for dinner?”

Cameron Diaz Cameron Diaz achieved superstar fame in his 1998 rom-com film, There’s Something About Mary. (Photo courtesy Everett Collection)

In the next scene, Cameron is sitting on the sofa in the room. He is flipping through his phone and looking at the photos from There’s something about MaryWhich acted Ben Steeler,

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