Britney Spears called after her brother Brian Spears was not invited to the wedding

Britney Spears spoke warmly for her older brother Brian Spears, who was not invited to her wedding to Sam Asgari after he was “injured” by her during her 13-year custody.

Britney Spears mom comments after not receiving wedding invitation

As it turns out, Britney Spears‘There was a brother Also She was not invited to the wedding.

On June 14, the “strong” singer called his older siblings, Brian SpearsAnd confirmed that he had left her exclusively off the guest list Recent marriages With Sam Asgari. A. Long Instagram postBrian, 40, and Their family members Her 13-year guardianship never ended because they “liked to tell me what to do and treated me with absolutely nothing.”

“You were never invited to my wedding,” he wrote in a note to Brian, who complained of denying his alcohol while in custody. “Do you really think I want my brother out there who didn’t tell me a Jack and Coke for 4 years ???”

He continued, “You hit me and you know it !!! And I can force myself to drink Jack tonight াব look at the moon and say F – K You !!!”

Britney went on to mention an Instagram post that was shared before Brian End of its preservation In November. At the age of 45 years Legal victory has been declared as “Independence Day”. And said he was “proud” of the pop star.

After quoting Brian’s caption, Britney wrote, “Go FK yourself Brian.” “F-K you.”

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Brittany’s heated words came about a week later Tied up with Sam,

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