Bobby Brown Reveals Why ‘Crush’ Alleged Romance With Janet Jackson Didn’t Work

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Bobby Brown He had a smile on his face as he discussed his alleged relationship with her Janet Jackson In his A&E Biography Special, which aired on May 30 ৷ “I had a crush on Janet,” Bobby admitted “Everything. Her little smile, her body, her dancing speed, her little smile. “Although Janet has never spoken publicly about her alleged romance with Bobby, she has previously spoken of her relationship in her memoirs. It was also featured in Bobby Brown’s biopic in 2018.

“We used to love each other,” Bobby added Biography Special: We have not had a relationship for so long. The reason Janet and I stopped it was because she couldn’t live with a man like me. I’m from the project. I’m the hood. Her dad wouldn’t let her be with anyone like me. Janet was the crush of my life. “But when the two broke up, Bobby said,” [his] Life “- Whitney Houston, whom he went to marry.

Bobby Brown Janet JacksonBobby Brown and Janet Jackson at separate red carpet events. (Rob Latour / Matt Baron / Shutterstock)

In Bobby’s 2018 biopic, Bobby and Janet fall in love with each other during a relationship with Renেনে Elizondo Jr.. In the series, Bobby asks Janet if she can’t stay with him because of the dark color of her skin. He also wrote in his memoirs about this alleged conversation, Every small stepClaiming that they were talking while lying on the hotel bed after sex.

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