Bobby Brown recalls the 1st date with Whitney Houston and says it was “like love”

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Whitney Houston 'I Look To You' Official Playback Of Whitney Houston's New Album, London, UK - July 14, 2009  Leaving behind the past decade, the soul singer was mesmerized by the event in a black and white animal print outfit.  The 45-year-old seems to have returned to his best condition since the last few years, appearing scared and devastated.  The party was held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Knightsbridge, London, to launch Whitney's new album, I Look to You.  As soon as he appeared on stage, a wonderful Whitney was greeted by a standing ovation from the crowd, including the choice of retail magnet Sir Philip Green.  Also present was music mogul Clive Davis, who discovered Whitney 25 years ago.  Some tracks from the new album have already been released on the Internet - for mixed reviews.

Singer Whitney Houston (19) Singer Whitney Houston's first UK performance, Hippodrome Theater, London, UK - 1983

Whitney Houston - 1985 Miscellaneous - 1986

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Bobby Brown Discussed during the first meeting Whitney Houston Its an A&E at night Biography May 30 Special. Although much of the first part of the documentary focuses on Bobby’s upbringing and the early days of his career, it ended with a life-changing moment for the singer – the day he met Whitney. The two first met at the 1989 Soul Train Awards.

“I remember that night as it was yesterday,” Bobby admitted. “Being honored as a solo artist seemed very surreal. That too when I fell in love. When we first met, I went behind the stage at the Soul Train Awards and Whitney came up and pushed me. He just kept pushing me. I turned my head and said, ‘You know you’re pushing me’ and he said, ‘I know.’ From there, it was like love at first sight. There was something in his eyes that melted me inside. “

Bobby Brown Whitney HoustonBobby Brown and Whitney Houston at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. (Laura Rauch / AP / Shutterstock)

Bobby recalls asking Whitney if he would say yes if he asked her on a date and she agreed. “The next day, we went out,” he continued. “We went shopping in Beverly Hills and then we had dinner at Ivy and then we chilled out for the rest of the evening. We were together the way he saw me from the first day to the last day… it was always special. ”

Bobby Brown Whitney HoustonBobby and Whitney at the 1993 Billboard Music Awards. (Randy Bauer / Shutterstock)

In 1991,

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