Big brother Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott married

After competing together Big Brother: All starsMemphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott celebrated Memorial Day Weekend by getting married in front of family and friends.

“Big Brother” All-Star is dating Memphis and Christmas

Final two forever!

May 26, Big brotherOf Memphis Garrett And Christmas Abbott “I do,” she said during a romantic wedding at the State Railroad Museum in Savannah, Ga.

“What makes me most excited about getting married at Christmas is that I can spend the rest of my life with her!” Memphis exclusively shared with e! News. “We can build our relationship and grow together. We had a lot of fun together and we complemented each other. When you find something like that, you never want to give it up. She’s my daughter forever. “

Christmas added, “I can live with the person God created just for me! After meeting him, it became clear to me that God had a plan from the beginning. I knew that everything that happened in my life prepared me to meet him, so when I did, I knew that he was my person without a doubt. He is my best friend and my home and I can spend time with him forever. ”

For the special occasion, Memphis wore Tom Ford when he chose a stunning gown from Christmas. Laura reached out. Exchanging wedding rings from the couple Adam Campbell And David Yerman.

In an unexpected turn, Christmas said she initially wanted to go to a local court to get married. But it was Memphis who persuaded him to grow up a little on his special day.

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“She wanted our family and friends to celebrate our love and feel the love of that experience,” he said.

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