Backless Bodysuit Rocks for Dinner with Kim Kardashian Northwest in Paris:

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Kim Kardashian, Northwest Kim Kardashian Out and Out, New York, USA - September 29, 2018

PARIS, France - Kim Kardashian shows off her enviable personality as she goes to dinner with a pair of black Balenciaga paired with the girl North.  Photo: Kim Kardashian, Northwest Backgrid USA 5 July 2022 Byline Must Read: The Hapa Blonde / Backgrid USA: +1 310 798 9111 / UK: +44 208 344 344 344 344 344 344 344 Clielist - Children Please pixelate face before publishing image with *

Kim Kardashian and her daughter are outside the Northwest and during Paris Fashion Week in Paris, France on July 5, 2022.  Photo by ABACAPRESS.COM: Northwest, Kim Kardashian Referee: SPL5324116 050722 Non-exclusive Photo by: AbacaPress / Splash News & Pictures USA: +1 310-525-525-4808 (London +4608) 49 175 3764 166 Rights of United Arab Emirates, Rights of Australia, Rights of Bahrain, Rights of Canada, Rights of Greece, Rights of India, Rights of Israel, Rights of South Korea, Rights of New Zealand, Rights of Qatar, Rights of Saudi Arabia, Rights of Thailand , The rights of Taiwan, the rights of the United Kingdom, the rights of the United States

Image Credit: The Hapa Blonde / Backgrid

Kim Kardashian While out in Paris on 5 July, the brave Balenciaga rocked the outfit again. When going to dinner with his daughter, Northwest, Kim wore a skintight bodysuit of the brand, featuring her Speed ​​Hunter graphic on the front. The back of the bodysuit is bent to reveal bare skin, complete with a fake set of Kim Hunt’s Speed ​​Hunters tour dates. Below the backless ensemble, she wore Balenciaga leggings that led to pointed heels.

Kim Kardashian North WetKim Kardashian and in northwestern Paris. (The Hapa Blonde / Backgrid)

Meanwhile, Kim continues to rock blonde hair, which she dyed from her usual dark locks before the May 2022 Met Gala. Kim channeled Marilyn Monroe for the show, even a paradox Marilyn’s own famous costume After spending a few hours stroking her hair to complete the look on the show, she decided to stick with the color for the next few weeks.

Kim KardashianKim Kardashian in backless bodysuit. (Raw Image LTD / MEGA)

Kim and Haute Couture Fashion Week in North Paris, and Kim even Walked to a fashion show 6 July for Balenciaga. Since her divorce from Kanye West, Kim has been working hard to find her own position in the fashion industry, and she’s certainly not slowing down! After shooting a campaign for Balenciaga in 2021, he continued his partnership with high-end brands in 2022 as well. He also shot its cover Sports Illustrated Swimwear And a solo landing Enjoy Cover after her and Kanye’s split.

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