Bachelor Alum Beka Tilly and Hailey Kyoko Share Affordable Beauty and

Beka Tilly, Hailey KyokoCharlie Gale / Getty Images for Eli

We’ve included these products by Becca Tilley and Hayley Kiyoko because we think you’ll like them at this price. Beka and Hailey are the spokespersons for the Amazon Influencer Program. E! There are affiliate relationships, so if you buy something through our link we can get commission. Items are sold by retailers, not e! As accurate as the price disclosure time.

Unmarried alum Beka Tilly And Hailey Kyoko Has been married for four years, Confirming their romance in public In May 2022. The pair talked more about their time together at a recent Amazon live session, where they also shared their favorite things. Beauty products, ClothingAnd Books That they enjoy together. The Reality TV alum says, “It’s really familiar to me where I show Haley my favorite clothes and products and she sits down to look at me and give her feedback. That sounds pretty normal. ” Hailey confirmed, “I think this live gives you a glimpse into what our lives are like.”

Time Amazon Show live FlowBeka said, “We are happy to celebrate Pride. Apparently, this is the first time we’ve celebrated it as a couple, “he said. It’s really special and funny, “said Haley, adding that” I’m very proud of Becca and I’m glad we shared our love with you all. “

Although the pair share some of their favorite products, admit they have two distinct styles. Their roundup Amazon There must be something for everyone,

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