At first sight Katina and Olajuun have pushed away their love story of how they got married

First Site’s Katina and Olajuun are married about finding love

Getting Marriage at first sight This is a decision the couple will not regret.

In the 14th season of the Lifetime reality show, viewers saw Katina Good and Olajuon Dickerson say “I do” just minutes after they first met. For the next eight weeks, the couple recorded their lives as a newlywed with Olajuon To reaffirm his commitment Time to offer a reunion show.

Now, as season 15 Marriage at first sight Starting July 6, the pair are reminding fans that a happy ending to a unique social test is possible.

“The show really works as long as you’re both there for the right reasons and you really want to get married,” Katina exclusively shared with E! News. “If you sign up and you have in mind that you’re going to see it and you’re going to be committed, it can be a success.”

Olajuon added, “Pay attention to your marriage. Really get to know your person. Don’t sit there and pick out their flaws. See what value they bring to your life and that’s how you grow. ”

That experience was easy. From dealing with social media critics Revisiting exciting scenes, It’s easy to understand why some of the show’s couples will have some growing pain. But according to Katina and Olajuun, they are following the advice MAFS Expert and committed to their love story.


“Pastor Calvin Roberson has revealed that it’s important to be patient with your partner,” Katina said. “We use that tool every day at our weddings.”

Away from the camera,

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