Anna Sophia proudly announces her artistic autonomy with the new EP, “Let me out I

Very few artists know like themselves Anna Sophia, Leave at age 18. “From the moment I started writing music, I had a very clear vision of what kind of artist I was going to be,” he recalls. “I know in advance what I want to do. I definitely like it because it helps keep me on track and makes me feel more organized and driven when I know. “This process of self-discovery was further catalyzed by Kovid.” There was a lot of time to cut so it was a great opportunity to find out more about who I am. It was needed and it must have opened a whole new door for me. ” His new EP, “Let me go i’m free”A protest celebration of his creative release. “Let me go, I’m free!” There was a point in my career where I felt very controlled by the voice of art. I was so caught up in an environment where I felt that my true artistry did not belong. I finally started ignoring everyone and everything around me and started making music for myself I was using new words, and different songs, and I really liked making music for the real joy of making music again. Then EP was born!

When a young teenager found her way into the music world, Anna Sophia felt pressure from art to create an authentic version of herself. The feeling of his inadequacy burst. “For the longest time, I really thought I wasn’t a good enough musician, and it can be very difficult for anyone to start taking music very seriously at the age of 15. Looking back now, I’m glad I went through this. First of all, I’m glad I felt at such an early stage of my career, so now I know what to look for when moving forward. Secondly, it really made me a lot stronger. I will never let anyone control my art and brand more than myself. It’s my name, my point of view, my song, my music, and that’s how it will be. ” Finally, she finds the right time to brighten up her true colors. “I was really looking forward to the moment when I could share my real art. I knew that there would finally come a day when I could do whatever I wanted, and I knew what I needed to do to get to that day, so I let it all play out. In the meantime, I was writing music that really came from me so I can share it as soon as that day comes. ” Getting there I wanted to stay, and being able to share with you what I want, and what I’m really proud of. Watching EP out on a music platform is a reminder to me that never let anyone tell you how to run your show. Make happiness the way you want it and you’ll find people along the way who admire you. Cheese sounds good, but cheese is good. “

He has also released a film project at the same time. “I knew I wanted to get all the videos in EP in one place. I decided that what I really needed to do was learn how to do it right. One of my best friends, the music video director Quran Zhu, And I’ve been making the story together for months. We created a whole story, established which story was being used for which song, and brought it to life. Again, he happily revived a part of his creativity that kept him forcibly dormant. “It was such an amazing experience for me. It was always something I wanted to do, but was never allowed to do again. It was also a great experience to work with. Almost every single person on my music video set is one of my closest friends and it makes the music video shoot even more fun! “

This journey embodies everything that Anna Sophia wanted or wanted to be. ” I’ve always wanted to do that. It wasn’t something I woke up to. I loved entertainment and music for as long as I could remember. My life means a lot to me now because that’s exactly what I imagined for myself. This is the first of many milestones. “I will continue to do what I want to do. I am currently working on my first album which has been a very nice experience. I already have a lot of ideas for my new music, and finally it’s great to know that I can implement my ideas exactly as I envisioned. At the moment I just like the process of making. It’s very stress free, and I love it again. ‘Let me go I’m free!’ It’s the beginning of my stress-free creative experience so I’m excited to share more! ” The road ahead is paved with gems of future musical instruments, bright with promise.

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Anna Sophia proudly announces her artistic autonomy with the new EP, “Leave me alone I’m free!” Photo Credit (in order): Jean-Franসois Sauve and Stef Verschuren.