Ann Hatche 911 Call: Neighbor frantically reveals someone ‘trapped’ in car

“A car just went through my neighbor’s house,” the unnamed caller said at the start of the 911 call. Ann Heche On August 5, crashed his blue Mini Cooper into a two-story home in Los Angeles. As a result of this accident, the 53-year-old actress death, causing mayhem and panic around Mar Vista In the recording obtained by HollywoodLife (listen above), the caller remains calm as the 911 dispatcher asks questions about whether “someone was ejected from the vehicle.” On the call, the caller says, “Someone is opening the back to see if we can access [it] Because they are stuck in the front door of the car. ‘

Initially, the caller said that “the guy inside was fine” and that the car had gone “like ten feet into the house.” The caller also said people got a water hose because of the “smoke,” which led the dispatcher to ask if the car or house was on fire. Throughout the recording, one can hear panicked voices in the background as people rush to help the survivors. The caller said “lots of smoke” and “someone is trapped in the car.” The dispatcher assured the caller that authorities were on the way and told them to “get the driver out of the car if we can, but I need you to be in a safe place. Don’t put yourself in any danger.” ‘

Stephen Lovekin/Shutterstock

About twenty minutes before her car crashed home, Ann bought a red wig at a nearby salon. “I quickly found that … the cyberbullying from strangers, the random phone calls and all the outreach that came with it – as well as the overwhelming feelings of it all were difficult to navigate. sadness I have seen the tragic loss of someone’s life,” said the salon owner CNN.

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