All songs by Ariana Grande, have been ranked

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Ariana Grande Some pop stars না no, musicians কখনও can ever dream of imitating.

The powerhouse singer prides herself on a four-octave range and can hit an impossibly-sounding whistle tone without breaking a sweat, and over the years, she has used her talent to deliver bop after bop, in the form of a juicy R&B tune. Whether it’s an emotional ballad or a sparkling, exuberant melody. Basically, Ariana can do it all.

Some will argue that he has not yet been paid what he deserves Recording AcademyAlthough with 15 Grammy nominations Below his belt, Ariana has won only two trophies. (ICYMI, this will be the best pop vocal album of 2018) Sweetener And the best pop duo / group performance for him and Lady GagaOf “rain on me.”) And, On the April 3 show earlier this yearHe left (still again) without any compliments Terms.

Now, in honor of his birthday on June 26th, we are here to take a deep dive into Ariana’s complete discography and give her some of the praise she deserves. Which song deserves to be played in a loop until the time is up? What are the singles who got too much radio play? Why are certain tracks so underrated? How can anyone walk the earth without listening to that one song and crying?

These are some of the important questions that we will answer below Keep scrolling to see all of Ariana Grande’s songs, ranking.

Disclaimer: This is strictly accounting for his albums and singles. There are no songs with Ariana as a featured artist (sorry, from “a little more homework”) 13: Original Broadway cast recording) Was considered.

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