All of the Elm Street Reference is a nightmare you missed on Stranger

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Stranger Things The fourth season was definitely a return to the horror roots of the Netflix series.

In fact, Stanger thing Star Joe Kerry, who plays Steve Harrington, warned! News’ When you were streaming That New installment—May out May 27 ৭ Too “annoying” for young viewers.

“The kids will be scared,” he promised at the time. “Kids will have nightmares.”

And Season IV clearly live up to the hypeAs it is Introduced to the new villain Reminds Elm is a nightmare on the streetIts Freddie Kruger.

Now, this is not the first time that manufacturers Matt and Ross Duffer Tributes to the horror classics of the 80’s. In previous seasons, we saw references Jaw, The third type of closed encounter, Halloween, Day of the Dead, Attack by body snatchersAnd PoltergeistAmong others.

However, this time around, Elm is a nightmare on the street One, not two, six separate references to Wes Craven’s 1984 Slashar were inspiring.

Keep reading to find all the ways Stranger Things Paid homage Elm is a nightmare on the street:

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Robert returns to England

The first connection between Stranger Things And Elm is a nightmare on the street: Actor Robert England.

Englund famously portrayed Nightmare on Elm Road The villain Freddie Kruger, in several films of the franchise,

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