Alicia Vikander reflects on “extreme, painful” miscarriage before welcoming baby

Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander couple in new flick

Alicia Vikander Looking back on her motherhood journey.

The topic came up during a discussion about his new show, Irma VepIn an interview on July 24 The Sunday Times. In an episode of the HBO series, a character suffers a miscarriage, and as Vikander explains, she herself can relate to the loss.

“We have a child now,” the actress told the newspaper, referring to her 17-month-old son with husband Michael Fassbender“But it took us time.”

Vikander, 33, and Fassbender, 45, met while working on the 2016 film Light in the ocean. In the movie, Vikander plays a character who suffers two miscarriages.

When asked if these movies can help both actors and viewers work through their own trauma, Vikander replied, “Absolutely. [The miscarriage] So extreme, painful to go through and of course, it reminded me of making that film. That film has a different meaning now.”

Because she reminded fans that, while Hollywood stars may sometimes feel like they have it all, life isn’t always picture-perfect.

“Sometimes you go through tough things in life and if you have an office job, you can get away a little bit,” she said. The Sunday Times. “But there are times when I or colleagues go through something and, I don’t understand how they got on the red carpet afterwards. Meeting people, ‘How are you?’ Given what they’ve been through? Most people will not be able to leave their homes.”

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Vikander confirmed in September 2021 that she and Fassbender Welcome a baby.

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