Alec Baldwin and the Brothers have confirmed the death of their mother Carol at the age of 92

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Alec Baldwin Her mother Carol Baldwin has just died. Carol died in Syracuse, New York, on Thursday, May 26, at the age of 92, the actor said in a statement. On Instagram.

“It is with deep regret that my family posted the following statement.” 30 Rock The actor writes with a death that was written by his family brothers StephenWilliam and Daniel.

“Carol M. Baldwin, mother of actors Alec, Daniel, William and Stephen Baldwin And two daughters, Elizabeth and Jane, died today in Syracuse, New York. Carol Newcomb Martineau, born December 15, 1929 in Syracuse, was the son of Roy and Marion Martino and had one brother, Daniel, and five sisters, Patricia, Joan, Diane, Lewis and Rebecca. . “

The statement continued, “She met her future husband, Alexander R. Baldwin Jr., of Brooklyn, NY, while they were both studying at Syracuse University. In 1954, Alec, as his father was called, moved. Family On Long Island, where he taught history and taught football and rifleball at Massapequa High School until his death in 1983 at the age of 55. ”

Obit describes how Carol raised all her children and then, when she was a teenager in her late teens, “went to work outside of a local shopping mall to work on a marketing study at a firm called Quick Test.”

Carol Baldwin, Alec Baldwin Alec Baldwin and his mother, Carol (Matt Baron / BEI / Shutterstock).

“In 1991, she was diagnosed with breast cancer,” Obit continued. “After he survived,

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