AdeJosh has confirmed its high quality in its new EP, “All For Me”

Adejosh You want to know that there is a feast for the affronting senses. “To me Afroswing is a bounce of the UK scattering afrobeats. It is a sound and lingo strongly influenced by sweet melodies and bright sounds with a driven baseline, “he explains. The British-Nigerian artist blends both aspects of his tradition into his music.” I hear different words from. I sensitize the British side with my lingo and swag and put the best of both worlds in my music. ”He first made a statement with his debut EP, Confident. “It’s about being confident about my calling, which is music. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. “

Now he’s back with the same high expectations for his new EP, All for me. “All for me About self-worth and understanding what I want for myself. I set that value for myself. ‘My Own’ is almost a self-reflecting part that speaks to confirmation because I use sweet melodies and smooth leads on this passionate track. The speed and notch of the song almost suggests that I need to move along with the pace of my past, understand the need to be without my partner and do my own thing. ‘Charge’ serves as the turning point in this story and is a representation of where a man soon meets to be his partner and is now chasing. Using lines like ‘I just got my eyes on you’ and ‘The way you scream your body’, I don’t deviate directly from my point of view and I almost fear this feminine goddess. ‘All for me ‘ The end of this journey and my future self-understanding and awareness take the audience on an artistic stream-mixed exploration; I show my passion by acknowledging my worth and worth as a human being, then meeting the ‘one’ who brought that ‘spark’ into my life; It enables me to understand what I deserve as a king. ”

He is determined to ensure what he deserves through his most cherished means. “As a young black man, it’s easy to be shaped by your environment and let your environment shape your values. It’s easy to follow the rules and trends of society. Music is my truth, my expression, my communication, my escape from reality. Lost is what touches my innermost feelings. Music is life and the only thing for me. ” The EP can be thought of as the proud coronation of an advanced adjos. “By the end of the EP, I want the audience to see better ad hoc. AdeJosh 2.0 I brought to the table with confidence and self-worth and understanding. It’s a short journey but deliberately done, so why did we give four tracks so that people would expect the unexpected. ” All for me This embodies new self-assurance. “My first EP is about understanding calling. I got an understanding and feeling about my calling. With All for me, I’m equipped now, it’s now AdeJosh 2.0. This EP is very intentional, ‘My Own’ is a spiritual vibe for those who feel music spiritually. ‘Charge’ is for my music lovers, who understand music. All for me A combination of vibration, spirituality and energy. AdeJosh 2.0 is a person who deserves more clarity and understanding of what he’s here to do, and my music will definitely show it. ”

AdeJosh had the opportunity to collaborate with longtime friend ATG Musick. “ATG is my brother from the beginning. We started this journey together and we started our musical foundation at church, where we both learned instruments. We started building from there, got a more intimate connection with music, so when we do music it feels like home. ” She is setting her sights on a bigger stage to move forward with her ambition to become a global star. “I am creating a global term that is not limited to just one market. I see myself as a global international superstar. I want my sound to travel the world for all people, not just those who listen to a particular genre. “With an emotion that runs as deep as hers, everything is possible.

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AdeJosh has confirmed his high standards in his new EP, “All for me.” Photo credit: GNPC Entertainment.