Achieve its yet-yet-cold fashion related to how summer turned out beautiful

How the summer I launched the beautiful series is different from the book

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Summer I turned beautiful June 17 premiered on Amazon PrimeVideo And viewers immediately fall in love with the idyllic, coming-of-age show, which takes them back to their own special summer memories. It was a feeling that could be related to clothing designer Jessica Flaherty.

“It’s so rare that we can get this really pure memory, where it hits you in a place where you can smell and taste at that time,” Flaherty told E-exclusively! News of the series based on Jenny Han Dear young adult trilogy. Focusing on the love triangle between 16-year-old Belly (Lola Tung) and two brothers Conrad (Christopher Brini) and Jeremiah (Gavin Castellegno), it perfectly captures the first magic and intense pain that only a teenager can inspire in summer.

An essential element that creates that nostalgic and dreamy effect is the style of its characters, which draws the line between TV-cool and freshly normal, especially with age. Gossip Girl And External bank.

“Sometimes it’s hard because a show that’s really fashionable and current and on the pulse, like, ‘What are the kids wearing?'” Flaherty explained. “But that’s not what we’re doing. It was important to stay true to the vision and focus on the horizon, these are the colors, the pressure and the beat we want to do. Bright purple may be the color of summer, but we’re pastel blues. It’s finding the little niche that exists on Earth. “

Flaherty took e! News inside that process of establishing a unique style for each character Summer I turned beautiful.

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