A look back at Queen Elizabeth II’s bond with her royal corgis over the years

Queen Elizabeth II’s love of dogs—especially corgis—has been well-documented throughout her 70-year reign. Take a look at the sweetest moments of the late king with his pup.

Queen Elizabeth II dies aged 96: Relive her extraordinary royal life

just wasn’t Queen Elizabeth II Emperor of a nation and matriarch of the British royal family, but she was also the mother of a beloved dog.

across it A reign of 70 yearsQueen – K Died on September 8 At age 96—lovingly cared for Dozens of puppiesincluding a A gaggle of corgis. Her love of pooches started at a young age and after her father, King George VI, gave her a corgi named Susan on her 18th birthday, she was never far from her four-legged friend again. There is even legend that His Majesty brought Susan on his honeymoon Prince Philip.

But the Queen’s love of dogs extends beyond the corgi breed. In fact, he had a hand in creating the dorgi, a cross-breed of dachshund and corgi, when his corgi was mated to Tiny. Princess MargaretDachshund Pipkin in the 1970s. Since then, the Queen has continued to be the foster parent of both corgis and corgi-mixes, as well as several cocker spaniels.

In celebration of his 90th birthday in 2016, the royal appeared on its cover Vanity Fair With her four furry companions: corgis Holly and Willow and dorgis the vulcan and candy. In total, the Queen has owned more than 30 different puppies – many of whom have been Descended from his first dog Susan – since she ascended the throne in 1952.

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