A definite ranking of the most dramatic real housewives travel

Judge Tamara said Brandy Glanville was a Mistress UGT housewife

If there is one thing per unit The real housewife There are similarities between the franchises, it is their inability to take collective leave which is similar Original Holiday

Of course, such luxury destination travel St. BarthesHawaii, Morocco and Puerto Vallarta — which often include five-star accommodations and all the amenities a person can dream of তৈরি seem to be ready for the most ideal and comfortable journey, but with each iteration of the Bravo show, almost always Contains explosive drama.

Why? Perhaps it’s all the wine, or trips marking the rare occasion that all the cast members are in the same place at the same time. Plus, getaways tend to be towards the end of a season, that is Housewives excitement Is at an all-time high.

Either way, there is nothing more entertaining than this Housewife Trip, which is why Peacock has created a spinoff that co-stars from completely different cities are vacationing together!

Respectfully Real Housewife Ultimate Girls Trip Season two This Thursday, June 23, premiering PeacockWe look back on the best — and the most explosive — travel Housewife History.

From Lisa Brest Vs. Kim Richards Showdown from Amsterdam From Hell the OC boarded the van In Ireland, the most dramatic reminders of all The real housewife Travel by scrolling through the gallery below!

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29. Turkey and Kaikos, The real housewife in New York City Season 7

When Heather Thomson and Carole Radziwill woke up in the morning to find a naked man sleeping in the room, they lost it.

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