90-day-old fianc Mursel Mistanoglu and Anna-Marie Campisi welcome first baby

90 day engagement Star Marcel Mistanoglu and Anna-Marie Campisi welcome their first child together through a surrogate on April 11. A son. See pictures of their infant son.

The most memorable first encounter of the “90 days fianc”

The families of Mursel Mistanoglu and Ana-Marie Campisi have grown a little.

The 90 day engagement The couple, whose love story was recorded on the seventh season of the TLC show, welcomed their first child together – a baby boy named Gokhan John – through a surrogate on April 11, Anna announced Instagram post Shared two weeks after birth. In addition to photos of her son, Anna revealed that the newborn arrived “5 weeks before” her scheduled date.

“She’s doing amazing!” She raved. “A little guy just 5.3 pounds 18 inches.”

Anna – who is the mother of sons Joey, Leo and Gino from a previous relationship – added that the surrogate was “doing well” after birth and called her “an amazing woman.”

In her post, Anna describes in detail her journey to Ukraine to meet her son for the first time. According to the founder of Beauty and the Beaz, he worked with the non-profit group Dynamo Project to enter the country from Poland, while Mursel was behind because his travel visa would not allow him to cross the border twice.

“If he comes to Ukraine, he will not be allowed to go,” explained Anna, who now lives in Nebraska with Mursel. ‚ÄúThank God for this amazing group Dynamo project! I didn’t have to go alone. They planned to provide supplies including travel to Ukraine, safe places to stay in Ukraine and travel while inside. They were with me the whole time. “


Anna said she picked up her son in Lviv before bringing him back to the border,

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