How to look younger (or at least your age 6)

When you grow up, you find yourself in a corner. Should you try to look younger? Or should you embrace the fact that you are getting old?

As an older person you can make a lot of mistakes, which can make you look younger. But did you know that there are some things you can do that can make you look older?

Aging is good and I think we should take it. But we certainly don’t want to look older than us. So today I am revealing eight mistakes that older men make that actually make you look older.

1. Times do not adapt

Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite standing in front of the orange van

We all know this guy what I’m going to describe. He’s the guy you’re looking at and he’s like, “Man, you know, he was probably great in the 80’s.” He is pulling on his trans-amy which is blurring whitesnake or docan. She has got perfectly split feathered hair. Maybe he’s wearing a blazer with shoulder pads that are a little too big. And when you look at him, you can smell the turmoil of the ’80s.

And let me tell you something about this guy. She doesn’t dress like this to be sarcastic – it’s not she’s some Brooklyn hipster or something. No, what he thinks is, “Dude, I was a high school guy, I had a lot of kids, I partyed, I drove a sweet car and I still got it. Why change anything?”

And the first thing that makes older men look older is the attitude of not adapting to the times.

The thing about this – and I skipped it in my funny description of this fictional person – is that it has a really strong emotional component. We probably had great, positive experiences early in our lives. And it’s normal to want to hold on. Like, hey, it was a great time of my life – I want to live here forever.

But unfortunately, that’s not how it works. We have to move on. We have to evolve. We cannot live in the past.

Of course, part of the dress and hairstyle is to be able to move forward mentally. Considering past successes, victories and positive things in a way that keeps you stuck in the past, this is not a good place.

Things change and change is hard. In fact, let’s just be honest – change is bad. But, we know that change happens. And as soon as you can wrap your head around it and learn to consider change as a way to improve yourself and take on a new challenge Per Improve yourself, then and only then will you be able to start living the best of the present.

2. Do not take gray hair

George Clooney shows up in a tuxedo with salt and pepper hair

As we get older, many changes take place in us and in our body. Most of them are very annoying – things hurt, you don’t recover quickly, you get tired quickly. But we somehow accept these things and maybe have a good laugh with our friends about it. But we realize that these are things we can’t really reverse.

But with age comes a thing that some men try to reverse with the intention of looking younger. However, when we make the mistake of number two, which is to try to cover up some of the gray hair we get, we make ourselves look older.

There are probably some really good hair dye products and beard dyeing products out there, but I think I can always find the person who uses them. It just doesn’t look natural. It doesn’t match what I’m seeing in front of me. So it looks like a man trying to hold on to his past glory and not acknowledging that things have changed. It makes us look and feel older.

There is nothing wrong with gray hair or some salt and pepper. Show you more mature. You will appear intelligent. And in fact, I think many women (and men) would say that men with gray hair or salt and pepper hair look more attractive and sexy than boys without any gray.

3. Ignore ear, nose and body hair

Nose haircuts are a great way to make older men look younger

Next, let’s talk about a mistake that many older people make that is very easy to correct.

As you may have noticed, as you get older, your eyebrows become thicker, your nose hair grows longer, and your own hair grows on your ears. It’s natural. It happens. But, if you leave it at that, it’s not just obese, it makes you look like an old man.

There are many easy ways to take care of this. For nose hair, There are many small grooming devices to choose from. Or can use A small pair of scissors – But just be careful.

Ear hair, Even easier with a small grooming device or electric razor. I would warn you if you use a safety razor and try to use it in your ear because it is very easy to cut yourself – say from experience.

And then as far as your eyebrows, the next time you go to the barber, ask them to trim up. They will attach the comb, go over it with some clippers and make you look even younger.

4. Not having a good skincare routine

One person uses a shaving brush as part of a skincare routine

You’ve probably heard that things get better with age or things get better with time. And this is true of many things, such as wine, cheese, whiskey, A great pair of jeansQuality leather goods, a cast iron pan.

But for most of these things, getting better with age – excluding wine, cheese and whiskey – involves a certain amount of maintenance. Taking good care of these things helps them to age better and also ensures that you are making the most of their lifetime.

The most important thing to understand is that such maintenance needs to be regular and it needs to be regular. It’s not that you really invest in a nice leather briefcase, use it every day, beat it too badly, never maintain it or protect it from the ingredients and then one day 10 years later you might think, “What happened? Is there any way I can fix this? “

Because the answer is no. Once you reach a certain point with some things, there is no going back.

Now, for some things, like the example of a briefcase, or a pair of shoes, or a pair of jeans, if they run out, it’s not the end of the world because we can only replace them with a new briefcase or a new pair. A new pair of shoes, or jeans.

But when it comes to something really important, like your face, well, it’s not something you can replace. And since this is the first thing people see when they look at you, if you don’t take care of it – if you don’t moisturize, if you don’t use some kind of SPF, if you don’t do normal daily maintenance – these effects are getting snowballs out of control and You will end up looking older than you.

And skincare doesn’t have to be a big deal – but you do have routine commitments. And one of the best skincare systems I’ve found is Tiege Hanley, Which I’ve been using for about two years now. Everything you need is sent to you every month and they tell you exactly what to do, when to do it and how much to use. It doesn’t get any easier.