6 Things Caspar Can’t Live Without Lundmoz

3. Car keys

Caspar Lundmoz's Alfa Romeo Stelvio car keys

In this case, for My Alfa Romeo Stelvio (Aka family car). Our second vehicle is an Abarth 595. Our family is an Italofail, and our cars are a clear indication of that. Our current lineup is as close to being my (deserved) dream garage as I can be and I’m grateful for that! My car keys are kept with a key that I was given on Father’s Day to engrave my daughters “away” – always with me.

4. Victorinox Swiss Army Pocket Knife

Caspar Lundmoz's Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

I don’t understand why these little knives are not as common as before. I have only one other friend who carries a pocket knife frequently. A small Victorinox Swiss Army knife I remember my grandfather carrying both and this special knife Was My grandfather I can remember how they used to bring out these convenient tools like yesterday’s small daily “barriers” – a letter, opening a package, cutting an apple, tightening a loose screw. And I agree to carry on that tradition. Just like the feeling I wore in my dad’s Seco Lassalle, I also love being able to carry the memory of my grandfather with me.

5. Wallet

Casper Lundmose's Wallet Collection

I have a thing with my wallet and own several that I carry around regularly. Every time I’ve been to Italy in the past, I’ve probably spent a lot of time looking for the perfect wallet. You know one, right? Not too big, not too small. Just the right amount of house. And the skin has to feel and The smell That’s right. This special wallet you see here I bought at a local market in Cavalino, Italy. However, lest you think I’m satisfied, I’ll do a new look this summer – that is, if I can find one that ticks all the boxes.

6. Sony A6000

Casper Lundmose's Sony A6000 camera

I rarely leave home without my camera. I use a Sony 50mm F1.8 mounted Sony A6000. It’s a perfect size and I’ve been using it for several years, so I know it inside and out. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. But that was not always the case and those who have children will understand better.

Before owning this camera, I had a different DSLR that was much larger than Sony. But when we had kids and had to start packing all their belongings with us every day – parents, are you with me? – I started leaving the big DSLR house out of necessity. However, as the girls got older, I started to miss photography – even though I needed a smaller camera that would fit in my pocket, it would still be a bit “higher” than your average point-and-shoot. And that’s why I think the A6000 is perfect.