3 Best Back to School Tips for Parents of High School Students

Today we want to share the 3 best back to school tips for parents of high school students Whether your teen is starting their first year of high school or returning for another year, you’ll want to make sure they’re on the ramp for success. Your teen will likely want the latest styles in fashion, and they may already know what’s trending in backpack gear. But you’ll be ahead of the game if you plan to shop early now and get organized before your student’s first day of school.

Check out these three best back-to-school tips for parents of high school students.

Get the school supply list early

No matter what grade your student is in, you’ll want to be classroom ready with a good stash of supplies. Consider making a list of the keys your student likes to use the most, such as a three-ring binder with pockets, highlighter pens, ink pens, or mechanical pencils. You can also try shopping at your local dollar store for extra savings on some products.

Additionally, make sure you have School supply list Your students will need it. Your supply list will vary depending on the course your student is enrolled in. For example, if your students are taking algebra or geometry, they will need a scientific calculator with a fraction key.

Consider this list of items your high school student might need:

  • backpack
  • pencil
  • 3-ring binder with pocket
  • Pocket Folder
  • Spiral notebook with pocket
  • the pen
  • Highlighter pen
  • Computer printer paper
  • flash drive
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Weekly organizer/planner

Shop for back-to-school fashion

Top back-to-school tips for parents

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Send your student back to school dressed in the latest fashion trends that enhance their appearance and lend them confidence. Graphic tees are still making headlines in popular teen fashion. Sleeves on jackets and shirts have become this year’s fashion and when paired with jeans and sneakers, your teen will be runway ready.

shopping for Back to school sneakers which combines comfort and performance for your athletic student. Whether your child prefers retro looks or platform kicks, you’ll find a variety of school shoes that can be mixed and matched with your student’s outfit. Check out the back-to-school sales along with fall and winter shoes and your student will be ready for the cold weather just in time.

Visit the school campus

Make sure you plan to meet with your student’s teachers for the upcoming year and take classroom and campus tours. Getting to know your student’s teachers and future surroundings can help ease any anxiety incoming freshmen may feel. Also, you may want to make a list of any questions you may have before your meeting, especially when it comes to supply lists that may be required for certain courses.

If your student plays sports, visit the stadium, court and/or field where they play or practice every day. Tour the locker room facilities and assess what your student may need. When assigned a locker, measure the area to determine how your student’s belongings will fit. Be sure to schedule time to meet with your student coaches during campus tours.

Get ready for a rockin’ school year

Consider the above Back-to-school tips When preparing to send your high school student back to school. Shop the sale early for the best selection of back-to-school shoes and make sure your upcoming student supply list is filled before stores start running low. Visit teachers and coaches to answer any questions you or your student may have and prepare for a rockin’ school year full of learning and fun.

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